How Jinen Fincap Pvt. Ltd works ??

How jinenfincap helps you achieve your goals

We offer sophisticated investment advice best suited to your financial goals. Our product is optimized to help you achieve each goal, be it saving for a retirement, buying a house or just building your wealth. We consider your age, your savings, a suitable risk profile, target amount and time horizon for the goal to give you a systematic goal plan. This plan will maximise your chances of reaching the goal. The plan consists of how much you need to invest every month, the Mutual Funds you should invest in and what the asset allocation (debt and equity) should be. This advisory engine continually updates your plan depending on your progress to ensure you are on track to achieve your goal.

How it works ??

Tell us your financial goals

The purpose, the time horizon along with your age and monthly savings

Start investing in the goal plan

Jinen Fincap experts will give you an easy-to-follow personalised investment plan for your goals

Relax and reach your goals

Jinen Fincap Pvt. Ltd intelligently manages your money 24X7 so that you can go back doing what you love

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